Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Co-located with WasteExpo

Join us for real talk as the waste and recycling industry takes on plastics, packaging, and other environmental challenges – and our role in building a sustainable future.


The tsunami of plastics is here, what now? Amazon has forever changed the waste stream, how do we evolve with it? Textiles and food waste are filling up landfills and causing climate change at a staggering rate.

Beyond recycling…how can we all do our part and lead this charge? Landfills alone won’t do the trick. Who’s ready to innovate toward a sustainable future?

Let’s tell the story…and talk solutions.

Sessions Include:

  • Setting the Stage for Sustainability in the Waste Industry
  • Taming the Chaos of the Plastics Crisis
  • Recycling’s Role: Talking Big Ideas + Solutions
  • Unwrapping Sustainable Packaging
  • Sustainability Is Good Business
  • Undressing Textile Waste to Achieve Circularity
  • Taking a Bite Out of Climate Change through Food Waste Solutions
  • Understanding the Science of Sustainability in Waste & Recycling
  • CAPSTONE: So, Where Do We Go from Here?

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