Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall - W232

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Join us for real talk as the waste and recycling industry takes on plastics, packaging, and other environmental challenges – and our role in building a sustainable future.


The tsunami of plastics is here, what now? Amazon has forever changed the waste stream, how do we evolve with it? Textiles and food waste are filling up landfills and causing climate change at a staggering rate.

Beyond recycling…how can we all do our part and lead this charge? Landfills alone won’t do the trick. Who’s ready to innovate toward a sustainable future?

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Sessions & Speakers

Join us to hear Bill Caesar share learnings from his new role at Generate Capital. Bill is a well-known, waste-industry veteran and will go into detail on why partnerships are important for scaling sustainability initiatives. He will share his vision for investing with an eye toward sustainability, and lessons gained from the new partnerships Generate has created – and these programs are more profitable for the long-term than you may have thought. He’ll elaborate on how the waste industry can move towards building good business via a more sustainable future. This will be a frank, open conversation with Bill Caesar followed by an energizing audience Q&A.

Room W232

Every day, businesses, consumers, and the waste-and-recycling industry are continuing to grapple with big questions and concerns related to packaging. And, the need to implement sustainable (and creative) solutions is increasing. So what’s the latest thinking in this area?

This session will cover the role of innovations like blockchain and waste-to-crude in developing sustainable packaging options; how Uber-style recycling companies are picking up the slack of local municipalities; how plastic continues to fit into the puzzle; and why it's a good idea not to shift packaging-related responsibilities to the consumer.


Cory Connors
Sustainable Packaging Consultant, Landsberg

Evelio Mattos
Sustainable Structural Packaging Designer, Ubuntoo Sustainability Ambassador, and Package Design Unboxd Podcast Host

Adam Peek
Vice President of Revenue Operations, Meyers

Jonathan Quinn
Director of Market Development and Sustainability,

Room W232

Many companies are looking to improve their sustainability and incorporate ocean-bound plastics in their products but struggle with how to get started and the challenges they might face. This session will provide real world examples from leading tech and consumer product companies from concept to product launch. We will explore what it takes from a technical standpoint as well how they navigated the internal change management to get the projects implemented. Topics covered will include material sourcing and testing, social compliance, sales and marketing.


Ryan Schoenike


Maxmillian Michieli
Director, Sustainability Products,
CPI Card Group, Inc.

Chad Rabe
Sr. Principal Designer, Soft Goods & Cases, Dell Technologies | Experience Innovation Group

Bob Teasley
Director of Supply Management, New Product Development,
Herman Miller

Rick Wilson
Sales Engineer,
PolyVisions, Inc.

Room W232

Join us for this session that will be so unique, you can’t google it. It will bring together perspectives beyond the waste industry to discuss a topic so nascent that the industry isn’t talking about it yet: carbon labeling.

Ever tried to buy a new mattress that’s better for your health and the environment? Or decide between two cars? Or, just pick the most sustainable can of beans at the grocery store?

Without objective, credible data, consumers (and businesses) can’t make educated environmental buying choices. Carbon labeling provides a more-standardized method for comparing the environmental impacts of consumers’ and businesses’ buying choices. Transparency is the foundation of ESG, and product data is one of the most credible ways to offer transparency and carbon labeling could have many applications in the waste industry.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of:
• Why we need to communicate consistent environmental information about consumer products
• Where we might see carbon labeling in the future in the waste industry
• How can we all be better consumers and vote with our dollars

Moderator:                                                                     Speakers:

Kristin Kinder
VP of Research and Waste Stream Sustainability,

Sandra Noonan
Chief Sustainability Officer
Just Salad

Michael Rosen
Consultant / Managing Principal (retired)

Room W232

Dave Ford, Founder of the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network, and Ian Rosenberger, Founder of First Mile, will walk you through the Global Plastics Treaty and help us deepen our understanding of one of the most complex crises of our time.


Dave Ford
Ocean Plastics Leadership Network

Erica Nunez
Program Officer, Plastics Initiative
The Ocean Foundation

Ian Rosenberger
Founder & CEO,
First Mile and Day Owl

Room W232

With recycling rates averaging only 30% in the US there is plenty of room for improvement.  Many companies and organizations have sustainability strategies that include goals to increase the capture and use of recycled content.  These goals are often worked on within an organization where the scale and impact can be limited and not widely accessible or beneficial.

Learn how The Recycling Partnership, the City of Baltimore, Dow and Rehrig Pacific Company have used their individual sustainability goals and aspirations to form a common foundation for collaboration.  This session will explore how this public/private sector partnership has successfully delivered and implemented almost 200,000 roll out carts across the city.  This inclusive and equitable new solution will enable The City of Baltimore to increase household recycling by 80% and will capture as much as 40 million additional pounds of recyclable material.


HyeSook Chung
Baltimore Civic Fund

Cody Marshall
Chief of Community Strategy 
The Recycling Partnership

Jonathan North
Vice President Sustainable and Core
Rehrig Pacific Company

Kristyn Oldendorf
Chief, Office of Waste Diversion
Baltimore City Department of Public Works 

Jennifer Ronk
Senior Sustainability Manager 

Room W232

Moderator:                                                                    Speakers:

Liz Rourke
Business Development Executive
Infosys Limited

Bhavik Jani
Client Partner
Infosys Limited

Peter Tevonian
Senior Principle
Infosys Limited

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