Thursday Workshops

August 13, 2020

Add a workshop to your registration! Returning for 2020, we will offer four half-day workshops on Thursday that each focus on a different industry topic. Workshops include: Zero Waste Certified Training, Food Waste & Organics Diversion Program Development, Safety, and Recycling.

Zero Waste Certified Training Course

8:30am - 12:30pm
$125 Registration Fee

Attendees will learn:

  • Why Zero Waste is the fastest, most cost-effective way communities can reduce climate change impacts, promote local sustainability and create green jobs
  • How more than 250 U.S. municipalities are systematically pursuing high diversion and Zero Waste
  • What Zero Waste businesses – now in the thousands, are doing to help lead the way
  • How your community could move toward Zero Waste
  • Where to find the resources needed to further your own knowledge and practice of Zero Waste

This class is taught in a lively, interactive manner by a nationally renowned expert.  The content is designed to be easy to retain and the extensive resources are easy to access. It is valuable to municipal staff, haulers, decision makers, advocates and all interested in Zero Waste. Certificates of Completion are awarded by Zero Waste USA to students that pass the open book exam and turn in the evaluation.



Speaker: Richard Anthony,
Richard Anthony Associates, VP of Zero Waste USA and Chair of the Zero Waste International Alliance

Food Waste & Organics Diversion Program Development Workshop

Food Waste and Organics Diversion for All Waste Generators: Commercial, Residential, and Institutional
8:30am - 12:30pm
$125 Registration Fee

This workshop will guide the attendee through a complete understanding of organics diversion from landfill.

Attendees will discuss:

  • The types of waste that can be diverted
  • The processes for separation
  •  Collection of materials
  • What happens to the material when it reaches its destination
  • How to start an organics diversion program
  • Utilizing tools and programs for successful diversion

All these topics and many more will be covered in this all-inclusive workshop on the A-Z’s of Organics Diversion.



Speaker: Gary Bilbro, EcoSafe® Zero Waste

Building a Foundational Safety Program

8:30am - 12:30pm
Registration Fee:
$175 NWRA Member Attendee
$200 NWRA Non-member or APWA/SWANA Member Attendee

Speakers: TBD

It’s no secret that the waste industry remains in the top 10 most fatal jobs in the country – which is why safety is one of the key concerns for waste & recycling companies – big, small public or private. So, what can we do to mitigate these complex safety issues? Build a solid foundation.

Implementing advanced technology won’t make you safer if you don’t have a solid foundation set in your safety program. Find out what steps you can take to create, enhance, and redefine your program – to go beyond the monthly safety meeting. This workshop will give you real-world insights from safety experts that you can take back to your company and implement immediately - whether this is your first safety program or your 10th.

Crunching the Numbers: Understanding the Data and Realities in Materials Recovery

8:30am - 12:30pm
$125 Registration Fee
 Bryan Staley, President & CEO, Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF)

Should we “recycle everything, all the time” or “when in doubt, throw it out”? These are popular and frequently asked questions in our society.

Here are just some of the questions we'll explore teogether in this workshop:

  • How much material is actually recycled every year—and how do we measure it?
  • What is reality when it comes to recycling?
  • What are the measureable benefits of recycling?And how do we know?
  • Are there situations when recycling may be bad?

Join us as we take a provocative and interactive look at recycling in an attempt to address some of these questions. Using current science and data, various topics will be explored to discuss what we know about recycling, what we can do to measure better and what insights are hiding in the data.

The time will be engaging as the audience will be asked to participate in a number of visual and interactive demonstrations to reinforce the information presented. 



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