WasteExpo Together Online Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re taking the experience of WasteExpo— the largest waste and recycling event in North America— and delivering it right to your audience online. Wherever they are. Be there to meet them.

You'll get access to thousands more buyers online through a platform built for networking and connecting.

This is your opportunity to keep the momentum from WasteExpo going...

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Sponsorship Walkthrough

Check out this video tour to get the most out of your sponsorship at WasteExpo Together Online

  • Find and schedule customer meetings
  • Manage your event profile and schedule
  • Update your company profile and virtual booth in the Sponsor Zone
  • Invite your colleagues to attend
  • Add products to your product showcase
  • And much more…

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Debbie Busby
[email protected]

Companies M-Z
Sales Manager

Juliana Sherwood
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