Sustainability Topics Attendees Request Most

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – discussion with consumer brands, regulatory representatives, waste and recycling professionals
  • Social & Corporate Responsibility (ESG)
  • The Business of Sustainability (Measuring ROI, Business Strategy, Value of Purpose-driven Organizations, Strategies to meet state, federal, corporate sustainability goals)
  • Plastics (Single-Use Plastics; Ocean-bound Plastics; Global Plastics Treaty; Plastics role in Circularity; Recycling)
  • Packaging (Sustainable; Reusable; Compostable/Biodegradable)
  • Sustainability Regulations
  • Carbon Labeling
  • Food Waste/Sustainability Efforts
  • Zero-waste Attainability
  • Public Sector Sustainability Goals
  • Sustainable Materials Management (Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Public and Private Sector Partnerships
  • Environmental Responsibility/Environmental Justice
  • Ramifications of Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy
  • Data Driving Sustainability
  • Sustainable Fashion (Is it possible; textile waste; proof of concept; reuse; upcycling)

All Submissions are due August 15, 2022