Waste & Recycling Topics Attendees Request Most

Waste & Recycling Topics will be placed in main conference tracks:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Operations, Fleet & Safety
  • Recycling & Landfill
  • Business Insights & Policy

Most Requested topics include:

Business: Financial, Leadership, Communications

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – sourcing opportunities; preparing your company; negotiating valuation; reps & warranties; closing and integration
    Succession Planning Best Practices
  • Financial Tips for Independent Haulers - Access to Capital; Pricing Models; Cash Flow; Profitability; Potential Markets; Utilizing Drivers; Efficient Operations
  • Privatization of public waste operations
  • How to start and grow a small garbage business
  • Regulations & issues for siting, permitting and operating waste facilities
  • Enhancing customer service programs for independent haulers
  • Negotiating contracts best practices - successfully bidding municipal contracts; navigating current landscape; new trends in public/private partnerships
  • Initiatives to improve the bottom line: cost optimization, operating efficiency
  • Operations Management - C&D MRFs; single stream/commingled MRFs; transfer stations
  • Attracting employees to waste industry – millennials; women; drivers; mechanics; disadvantaged groups; diversity; benefit programs; immigration issues
  • LEED's training initiatives
  • Consumer education - litter control programs; contamination programs; curbside recycling programs; proven case studies from municipalities
  • Enhancing customer service programs/customer communications
  • Best Practices (driver training, safety programs, media management, consumer education; technology implementation, etc.)

Collection & Transfer

  • Overcoming challenges of collection in unique environments
  • New Cart & Collection Technologies – Carts; Dumpsters; Bins, etc.
  • Residential & Commercial waste collection: methods, vehicles, containers, case studies
  • Automation – Pros & Cons
  • Hauling and transfer station operations - Transfer Stations sighting, floors, improved designs


  • Material Beneficial Reuse
  • Achieving zero waste through C&D material recover & reuse
  • Managing & marketing C&D fines
  • Certifying your C&D recycling facility
  • Overcoming barriers to the acceptance of post-consumer products (such as asphalt, shingles, etc.)

Commercial Waste

  • Commercial waste zoning systems – public vs. private
  • Reducing contamination in commercial waste recycling – best practices, education, technology and infrastructure
  • Public vs. Private commercial waste contract negotiation
  • Commercial waste diversion and reduction through circularity

Conversion Technology

  • Thermal technologies
  • Chemical Processing
  • Hydrolosis

Data & Technology

  • Data Collection & implementation case studies – concrete examples of benchmarking; performance measures; standardization
  • GPS route optimization software and work management systems resulting in real savings
  • Using Technology and data to increase operational efficiency – case studies with real results from hauler
  • New technology adoption/implementation case studies by city/municipality/private hauler/waste authority
  • Automation: Trucks, carts, MRFs
  • RFID Technology implementation and results
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart Cities: Pilot programs, case studies, real data & results
  • Drone Technology – case studies, examples, innovative uses in industry

Fleet & Equipment

  • Equipment financing best practices - Municipal Lease/Purchase, Commercial Lease/Purchase; buy vs. own
  • Maintenance - New ideas to reduce downtime; Preventative maintenance; Predictive maintenance; tire maintenance; engine maintenance
  • Garbage Trucks - Autonomous trucks; Electric; Battery-electric (what works, challenges, why they cost so much, mechanical issues, etc.)
  • Natural Gas - Converting fleets to natural gas (pros & cons); CNG implementation process & costs
  • Upcoming clean vehicle technology regulations
  • Truck Weights
  • Telematics and Electrification of chassis

Medical Waste & Special Waste

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Medical waste recycling - Expired medications; Sharps management Opioid Crisis
  • Regulatory changes and the impacts that directly affect the healthcare waste industry
  • Hard-to-manage materials – textiles, carpets, more
  • Cannabis waste management – Collection; Disposal; Regulations; Transportation Concerns


  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
  • Odor Control
  • Elevated Temperatures
  • Coal Ash
  • Leachate Management – Collection; Policy; Transportation; Treatment (Thermal; Pre-treatment standards)
  • Emerging Landfill Technologies


  • Recycling Market Updates & Trends (Plastics, Glass, Fiber, etc.)
  • New recycling strategies, policies, & programs for current recycling market
  • Electronic waste management and certification
  • Emerging technologies and resources to process hard to recycle materials – new programs; innovative solutions; case studies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics – Associated costs; pros & cons of installing; real results from implementation; success stories; failures & challenges
  • Future Regulation Concerns - China’s Blue Sky Plan; Basel Convention, etc.
  • How to Retrofit your MRFs
  • MRF Operation Best Practices
  • New Solutions to Contamination Issues
  • Success stories on waste reduction and zero waste
  • Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Systems
  • Sustainable Materials Management
  • Marine Plastic Pollution
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Sustainability / EPR – new products, case studies, programs, solutions
  • Corporate Sustainability / Responsibility
  • Developing recycling programs – municipal, commercial, residential, public schools
  • Waste management programs in developing countries

Recycling Market Alternatives / Sustainability

  • Recycling Market Updates by Region Across U.S.
  • Municipal recycling/zero waste goals in the current market
  • Solar energy solutions for recycling facilities
  • Global waste & recycling programs - case studies, trends, data
  • Single Use Plastics – bans; legislation; solutions; upcoming trends; international programs
  • Sustainable Materials Management (Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Ramifications of Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy, Sustainable Materials Management


  • Current U.S. court case overview: solid waste & recycling bans & litigation
  • Regulatory changes and the impacts that directly affect the waste industry
  • Labor trends/laws
  • Franchising
  • Environmental Justice
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Funding Options


  • Workplace violence – active shooter, hostile customer, the art of termination
  • Safety equipment & solutions – case studies of customers using tools and proven results
  • Health & Wellness/Ergonomics specific to waste industry
  • Safety culture & training programs
  • Distracted Driving
  • Fire Safety – Truck fire prevention/solutions; facility fire prevention/solutions; insuring facilities
  • OSHA regulation Updates
  • FMCSA Rule Updates


All Submissions are due August 15, 2022