4 Steps to Exhibitor Success

WasteExpo doesn't just rent you space and hope it works out. We view our relationship as a long-term partnership to help you grow your business. Executing an exhibit that generates results requires more than just managing logistical/operational issues, it requires an intense focus on critical exhibiting success factors.

Follow this proven 4-step Exhibitor Success Program developed and refined over 30 years by America's leading tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge.

As a WasteExpo exhibitor, you have FREE unlimited access to the ideas and strategies that Jefferson Davis clients pay thousands for. We want you to have the best show ever! 

Please take advantage of these proven effective tradeshow resources.

Step 1: GET CONTROL: Download Implementation & Measurement Tools


  1. 16 Week Tradeshow Planning Tool
  2. Exhibiting Cost Control Tool
  3. Exhibit & Financial Performance Metrics Tool


Step 2: PLAN TO WIN: Do 5 Strategic Planning Exercises around Target Dates


  1.  Define your outcomes - 14 weeks prior
  2.  Identify & attract your ideal visitors - 12 weeks prior
  3.  Managing your visitor's experience - 10 weeks prior
  4.  Lead Management - 8 weeks prior
  5.  Measure your performance & ROI - 6 weeks prior

Step 3: WATCH & LEARN: Fill Knowledge Gaps by Watching Webinars


WasteExpo NEW Exhibitor Web-Briefing: How to Have a Positive and Profitable Exhibiting Experience


WasteExpo wants to make sure all new exhibiting companies have a positive and productive experience. As part of our new exhibitor on-boarding program, we require all new exhibiting companies to participate in an informative educational web-briefing. WasteExpo staff and tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, share important show and attendee information, “ins and outs” of exhibiting at WasteExpo, and useful knowledge and exhibiting tools and resources critical to your company’s exhibiting success.

Improving Visibility & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic: How to Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to Your Exhibit (Watch 10-16 weeks before WasteExpo)


Competition for attendees’ time in the exhibit hall is fierce. The battle is won in the days and weeks leading up to show time. Today, no exhibitor of any size can afford to just show up and hope the right attendees find their exhibit. Effectively pre-marketing your exhibit is a “must do” to build your brand and get your fair share of qualified booth traffic. Join tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, who will walk you through an eight-step pre-show marketing planning process that will put your company “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of enough of the right WasteExpo attendees.

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