WasteExpo 2017

NWRA Awards at WasteExpo

As part the National Waste & Recycling Association’s Awards Breakfast at WasteExpo, individuals and companies are acknowledged and awarded for leadership and exemplary performance in the waste and recycling industry.

Hall of Fame:

The Hall of Fame award recognized leaders in the waste and recycling industry who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions to the industry and their community and have been actively engaged in the business for at least 25 years.

Drive of the Year:

This program honors those drivers who operate their trucks in a safe and responsible manner, have outstanding performance records, and whose contributions have enhanced the overall safety and image of the solid waste industry. This competition is a great way to recognize your best and safest drivers.

Operator of the Year:

An award for operators working in post-collection including landfills, MRFs and transfer stations. They can be nominated by their peers or companies.

Women’s Council Scholarships:

The Women’s Council fosters the professional development of women in the waste industry while striving to increase their business, financial and leadership skills through education, workshops, mentoring, and networking. In addition, the Women’s Council offers scholarships to students in pursuit of a career in the environmental industry.  Three member/member’s dependents are awarded scholarships at WasteExpo. 

Nominate Your Best Here

For questions about the awards program, please contact Spencer Brignac at 202-364-3709 or sbrignac@wasterecycling.org.