WasteExpo 2013: Organics & Composting

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Organics/Composting - WasteExpo's 1st Annual Organics Conference Program

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May 20-23, 2013


Organics recovery and processing is a growing industry which provides tremendous opportunity to increase overall recovery rates as well as to produce high quality and environmentally beneficial compost products and renewable energy products. The opportunities available encompass all sectors of the waste, recycling, and organics industry. In order to achieve success, continued development is needed in several areas including community sustainability, infrastructure, federal and state government initiatives, and consumer education. Fundamentally, a paradigm shift from enforcement toward valuable resource recovery and reuse will enable economic incentives to drive a more business-based approach to industry growth.

Presentations in the Organics Recovery and Processing Track will first give attendees a “Big Picture” industry description of current status and outlook for the future. A forum on salient issues surrounding organics will highlight:

  • what we know
  • in what circumstances we have already been successful
  • where and why we have encountered failures
  • how we can overcome current barriers.

Comprehensive sessions presented by leaders in the field will focus on the practical aspects of composting, anaerobic digestion, odor control, diversion and recovery of food residuals, organics recycling, compost benefits, markets, marketing, and branding, compostable plastics, and business opportunities for the waste management sector.
Participants will learn:

  • about systems and technologies
  • best management practices
  • markets and product sales
  • common barriers to success
  • challenges that will continue to be problematic and comprehensive change that is needed to make organics recovery an industry with nationwide influence and relevance

Some of the Featured Speakers include: Paul Sellew, CEO, Harvest Power; Kathy Kellogg Johnson, Director of Sustainability, Kellogg Garden Products; Nelson Widell, Partner, Peninsula Compost Group; Eric Herbert, CEO, Zero Waste Energy, LLC; Luc De Baere, Managing Director, Organic Waste Systems; Jay Kilbourn, Vice President, Casella Organics; Chris Choate, Director and Vice President of Technology, Recology Inc.; George Savage, Executive Vice President. CalRecovery Inc.; Keith Edwards, Biopolymer Manager North America, BASF; Steve Mojo, Executive Director, Biodegradable Plastics Institute; Kevin Tritz, President, Specialized Environmental Technologies; Bob Gedert, Director, City of Austin Resource Recovery; Tim O’Neill, President, Engineered Compost Systems; Christian Garaffa, Manager for Source Separation & Recycling, Novamont SpA, JD Lindeberg, President, Resource Recycling Systems Inc., and many more.

This all-new track is part of the WasteExpo 2013 Conference Program and attendees who have purchased the Full Event Pass will have access to it.

FREE - Visit the all-new WasteExpo Composting & Organics Presentation Theater, located at the back of the 5500 Aisle for a day of innovative presentations focused on composting and organics from the companies providing solutions you need. Click here for more details.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4:45 - 5:30 p.m.

Panel Discussion: Organics Landfill Bans – The Final Debate

An open forum of different perspectives on this issue from the waste/landfill and organics sectors

  • Keith Edwards, BASF

Panelists include:
  • Susan Robinson, Waste Management;
  • JD Lindeberg, Resource Recycling Systems;
  • John Casella, Casella Waste Systems;
  • Rebecca Geraty, St. Louis Composting




Wednesday, May 22, 2013

9:00 - 10:15 a.m.

Panel Discussion of the Salient Issues around Organics

Speakers will discuss:

  • Community Needs, Brenda Pulley, Keep America Beautiful
  • Barriers to Organics Recovery, JD Lindeberg, Resource Recycling Systems
  • Federal Focus on Organics, Deborah Goldblum, US EPA
  • LOHAS Drivers (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), Tom Wright, Sustainability Projects Manager to Whole Foods Markets
  • Persistent Herbicides in Compost and Landfill Bans, Cary Oshins, USCC