WasteExpo 2013: Who Should Attend

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Who Should Attend WasteExpo?

Is WasteExpo right for you?

Whether you are from the private sector, a small, medium or large public sector waste management company, or a manufacturer or supplier, from the US or abroad, WasteExpo brings the entire industry together!

99.6%** of WasteExpo Attendees would recommend the show to a colleague

*Source: WasteExpo 2011 Post-Show Attendee Survey

You'll be among professionals from all levels and facets of the solid waste and recycling industry including:

  • Waste Services Companies (including Private or Publicly Traded waste services companies, Landfill Owners/Operators, Independent Contractors)
  • Government Officials (including Municipalities, County Agencies, Regional Authorities, Special Districts, State and Federal Governments, and Public Landfill Sites)
  • Composters and Compost Professionals (including Private and Public sector Facility Managers and Owners, Marketers, Regulators, Consultants)
  • Organics Recycling Professionals (including corporate sustainability mangers, consultants, Green Waste Haulers, and Public Sector Organics Professionals)
  • Anaerobic Digestion Professionals (including System and Technology providers, Equipment providers, Facility Managers, Consultants, Government Officials, and Zero Waste advocates)
  • Waste Generators (Businesses and Organizations that Create Waste in Manufacturing, Retailing and/or Providing Services)
  • Recycling Firms (including Secondary Materials Processors, Contractors and Recyclers)
  • Consulting Engineering Firms (including Consultants, Architects, Research and/or Development Organizations)
  • Trucking Professionals – including Fleet Owners, Operators and Maintenance Professionals
  • General Contractors
  • Healthcare Waste Professionals – including Healthcare Waste Generators, Transporters and Service Providers; Manufacturers, Distributors and Users of Healthcare Waste Products; and Federal, State and Local RegulatorsLandfill Professionals
  • Landfill Professionals – including Private and Public Sector Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill Owners/Operators/Engineers and MSW Equipment Suppliers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Distributors and Dealers
  • Legal, Insurance, Financial Firms
  • Associations and Publications

WasteExpo Attendees Job Functions:*

  • 34% Owner/President/CEO
  • 23% Sales/Marketing Manager
  • 16% Operations Manager
  • 7% Corporate Manager
  • 5% Environmental Engineer/Consultant
  • 3% Maintenance/Fleet Manager
  • 3% Health & Safety Officer
  • 1% Equipment Operator/Driver
  • 8% Other

*Source: WasteExpo 2011 Post-Show Attendee Survey