WasteExpo 2013: WasteExpo OnDemand Video Library

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Waste360 OnDemand Video Library

Time is no longer your enemy, now you can gain the knowledge from the WasteExpo sessions and the Waste Training Institute Workshops, all from the comfort and convenience of your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere..

Accessible from the website, the online library consists of recorded Waste Training Institute Workshops that will be available 365/24/7. The audio and video is synched with the Power Point presentation to offer you the most robust experience available, providing you with the tools you need to run your business better, smarter, and more effectively. With this convenient pay and play format, it’s never been easier to access such valuable information.



Available Waste Training Institute Workshops:

• E- Recycling: Expanding Opportunities
• Recycling Waste From Natural Disasters
• Stuck Between the Sheets: An Update on Paper Markets
• Plastics Recycling Markets: Room for Growth
• Protecting Employees at Material Recovery Facilities: New ANSI Standards
• Potato Peels and Brussels Sprouts: The Future of Food Scrap Composting
• Salvaging Recycling: New Developments in Construction and Demolition Materials
• Reducing Fuel Costs is a Gas
• Communication, Safety, and Tracking Technologies for Improved Collection Operations
• Converting Aging Facilities into Functional Space Without a Consultant
• Open Discussion: Hauler’s Experiences with Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
• Current Developments for Landfill Owners and Operators
• Balancing the “Wants and Needs” of Truck Purchasing

Available WasteExpo Conference Sessions:

• Pricing and Costing of Services
• Measuring Your Effectiveness and Improving Productivity, Part 1
• Measuring Your Effectiveness and Improving Productivity, Part 2
• Running an Effective Driver Safety Program
• NIMBY’s and the Politics of the Permitting Process
• Safety Update and Right Side vs. Left Side Driving – A Comparison of Risks
• The Influence of Job Satisfaction on Operational Effectiveness
• The Leader in You

Please visit http://www.twosense.net/waste360/index.html to purchase these sessions and workshops.