WasteExpo 2013: Green Initiatives

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WasteExpo is increasing its green initiatives, providing a more eco-friendly expo while supporting the sustainability efforts put forth by you, the solid waste and recycling industry.  WasteExpo is conscious of the need to reduce our environmental impact and we’re excited to be able to implement these green efforts.

Summary of WasteExpo’s 2013 Green initiatives

   •  Utilization of Paperless Technology:

   •  Exhibitor Manual on CD-rom with hard copies available for those who really want them

   •  Greater utilization of the WasteExpo website to post important communications, documents, etc

   •  Sending electronic surveys rather than paper-based research to garner customer feedback

   •  Development of marketing communications, onsite signage, etc via online technology

   •  Greater utilization of online floorplans rather than paper-based

   •  GES working towards more online ordering functionality

   •  Greater reliance on email marketing, online registration, email exhibitor communication bulletins,  etc – thereby cutting down on printed materials and waste

   •  Providing exhibitors with PDFs of VIP passes for distribution to customers/prospects

   •  Urge Convention Centers and Hotels to provide for recycling bins as well as trash bins

   •  Develop relationships with vendor companies who share our same environmental commitment

   •  WasteExpo will support Convention Center and hotel efforts to conserve energy, water, etc

   •  WasteExpo will re-purpose as many signs, banners, etc from year to year

GES initiatives:

   •  Recycling programs – paper, cardboard, aluminum, wood, plastic, plexi-glass, ink cartridges

   •  Use of natural gas to power indoor vehicles – forklifts, boomlifts, etc

   •  Use Energy Star approved T8 lighting in entrance units, light boxes, registration counters, booth displays

   •  Biodegradable trash can liners and wastebaskets made from 100% recycled materials

   •  Use water-based inks in all ID signs printers


Recycle signage substrates using it for packing and shipping materials

   •  Vinyl table covers for 4’, 6’ and 8’ tables – the vinyl is 100% recyclable as is the corrugated packaging they come in

   •  Use wood-based “Fribrex” product for panel inserts

   •  Table risers made from 100% recycled materials

   •  Cleaning supplies – biodegradable and non-toxic (including mobile wash)

   •  Carpet programs –

     o  Aisle carpet will be cleaned and re-used until it shows wear

     o  When can no longer be re-used, re-cycled for other uses i.e. covering dollies, lining crates and manufactured into flooring by 3rd parties

     o  Echo aisle carpet that is 100% recyclable and made from 25% post industrial recycled content

     o  Carpet padding – uses padding made from 100% recycling synthetic fibers; used from show to show and then recycled